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We provide the most modern medical equipment for our partners (hospitals, clinics, offices).

Our offer devices from manufacturers like: HOFFRICHTER or DIMAR.

In addition, our devices can also be easily rented.

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A wide, simple screen conveniently guides the user through various operating modes and allows it to be adapted to the individual needs of the patient. The powerful, optimized turbine provides a high flow reserve even with maximum pressure therapy and attracts attention with its very quiet operation. Therefore, it leaves nothing to be desired even when used at home.

The internal, high-capacity, rechargeable battery has a reserve of energy that allows for transport inside and outside the hospital, being outside the home and powering the device in the event of a power failure. Regardless of whether we use one or two-tube patient system, Carat I Pro or Carat II Pro, and regardless of whether the patient is invasively or non-invasive ventilated – the choice of this solution is always safe.


It is used for intermittent pressure controlled ventilation in patients. It is intended for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation. The device is suitable for adults and children from a tidal volume of 100 ml; it can be used in the hospital and at home. HOFFRICHTER LAVI was developed by highly qualified engineers from HOFFRICHTER taking into account the latest technical research. The device is assembled in Germany with the highest quality standards.


EASY VENT masks for CPAP ventilation, recommended for high flow CPAP air-oxygen delivery in hypoxaemic patients with cardiogenic edema or ARF (Acute Respiratory Failure). Their design takes advantage of the Venturi effect, allowing for a flow of up to 120 l / min and a wide range of FiO2 settings. Light, practical and easy to put on. They are used in ambulances, hospital emergency departments and other hospital departments. To use the masks, you only need one source of oxygen or an oxygen cylinder.

Aparat Auto CPAP BLUE

The DeVilbiss Auto CPAP BLUE device (pictured above) is the most modern technology available in apnea therapy. It is one of the smallest and quietest cameras on the market. The device has a large and clear LCD display, Polish menu, as well as many functions – such as an alarm clock or a pulse heater (option), which moisturizes the air when inhaling and dries the tube when exhaling (it is a more modern and economical solution of a heated tube). Recording of therapy data: breath after breath, with a detailed report highlighting obstructive, central and hypopnea apnea. Easy USB connections, Modem – Bluetooth, Smart Link. The lightest camera – weight less than 1 kg!


American company DeVilbiss Healthcare

The device adapts to the patient’s condition, can also work in constant pressure CPAP mode, has the functions of RAMP and relief on exhalation. Detailed data recording. We periodically generate readings and reports for our customers free of charge. The humidifier for the camera costs PLN 400.

Individual mask adjustment!


The apparatus is placed on a medical trolley, which enables examinations to be carried out at the patient’s bedside.

Measurements can be made using:

Canopy Hood – especially comfortable for children (there is a pediatric size) or obese patients

Face masks – various sizes (can be sterilized)

The advantages of the camera include:

  • continuous measurement of VO2 and VCO2,
  • use of O2 (galvanic) and CO2 (NDIR) measurement sensors
  • minimum sterilization requirements thanks to the use of bacterial filters
  • for use by people over 6 years of age and 10 kg (mask), Canopy Hood – 15 kg weight

The device uses:

Quick Calibration Procedures – Guarantee accurate flow / volume measurements using a 3 liter calibration syringe and gas calibration based on a gas mixture with a known gas concentration.


SleepDoc Porti ® 9


The compact device is particularly suitable for outpatient use to detect sleep-related respiratory disorders and to control therapy.

All hardware and signal recording components are integrated in the device – well protected against damage.

12 channels – great performance!

  • Flow,
  • Thermistor,
  • Chest shipments,
  • Abdominal effort,
  • SpO2,
  • Frequency,
  • Pulse,
  • Snore,
  • Position,
  • Light sensor,
  • CPAP / Bi-level- pressure,
  • Actimeter.

ZIP helmets

For non-invasive mechanical ventilation, for use with PSV-ASB, BiPAP and CPAP. Equipped with a tight zipper allowing quick and easy access to the patient’s face.

NIVM 6R ZIP Non-invasive mechanical ventilation helmet that can be used in PSV-ASB, BiPAP and CPAP modes. Six ISO connectors located on a stiffened ring increase efficiency, practicality and comfort. Attaching to a stiffened ring reduces the delay in the inspiratory trigger reaction.

COMFORT ZIP Helmet for CPAP and BiPAP for children and adults. The absence of a stiffened ring prevents the risk of ulcerating the skin on the neck. High comfort enables long-term use in hospital and home care.

COMFORT NEO-PAED ZIP CPAP helmets for newborns weighing 3 - 5 kg and children weighing 5 - 15 kg. The absence of a stiffened ring prevents the risk of ulceration in the patient's neck. Mounting plate made of medically approved Coolmax® material.

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