We offer selected B2B services, based on a modern communication platform and enriched with traditional consulting. We operate with success in the field of medical business, where we provide:

Internet websites

we create websites and specialized websites related to the medical business or related departments.


we provide consulting in the field of strategic use of human resources, including recruitment, management, and incentive systems.

Increasing profitability

cost reduction and optimization of the allocation of funds and resources to increase your company's profits.

Management, Marketing, CRM

we offer consulting in the field of management, marketing and CRM as well as sales network organization.


we enable the hiring of employees for a specific period of time or to perform a specific task, incl. sales representatives, as well as the recruitment and selection of candidates.

Sales partners

we enable the matching of commercial partners, both domestic and foreign.


we design and make advertising and promotional materials.

Events organization

Comprehensive organization of all forms of promotion (events, happenings, banquets). We have a qualified staff of hostesses and models, as well as artists (dancers, musicians). We invite you to familiarize yourself with our remarkable offer.

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61 Złota Str. Unit 100

00-819 Warsaw, Poland

Phone: +48 22 380 32 80 – 81

Fax: + 48 22 380 30 58


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